CadQuant supplies draughting services at an hourly rate. This includes any reductions, triangulations, Quantities and CAD drawings that are required by the surveyors. All work is done on the latest version of the Model Maker system.


Prices are quoted per hour and are subject to change depending on project size:

R525per hour

  • Design work with Model Maker
  • Quantities from multiple layers from Model Maker
  • Road Designs
  • Road Quantities
  • Pipeline Designs (Sewer, Storm Water, Water)
  • Quantities for pipe excavations
  • Complete projects (reductions through to quantities)

Other services and rates:

R450per hour

for Survey Reductions within Model Maker as well as triangles and contours.
R260per hour

for CAD work on a survey project.
R220per hour

basic CAD work.
R200per hour

for Data capture in any format.
R425per hour

for Survey Maker Draughting (Genral Plans, Working Plans Small scale diagrams).