Pipe Maker is a design packages developed for the design of long-section profiles for the construction of sewer, water and storm water pipes. Its graphical design method and its immediate updating of the long-section drawing data after alterations, together with its ease of use makes it an outstanding toll for the highly productive generation of longsection profiles. It is used to create construction drawings and calculate earthworks quantities.

Long-section for the design of pipelines can be created by using the design option available in Pipe Maker. Ground long-section data can be extracted from tachometric survey data using in Model Maker or it can be input manually. The complete network of a system to be designed can be defined.

The program contains all the different input data to cater for the design of water, storm water or sewer pipes in long-section and plan mode. Earthworks and pipe quantities are calculated according to SABS 1200 specifications and results can be output to a file or printer. Long-sectional drawings can be plotted directly to plotter or various CAD data exchange formats.

What is Pipe Maker?

PIPE MAKER is a powerful user-friendly software package for the design of sewer, stormwater or water pipe long-section, the creation of long-section drawings and the calculation of earthwork quantities. It offers a full range of capabilities, which will be of enormous help to the professions involved with design and construction of pipelines. E.g. surveyors, contractors, mine engineers, civil engineers and landscaping designers. The user-friendly menus interact with you to function as an extension to your own thoughts.

Once the user is known to the concept used in the design, he will quickly and with ease use the program productively.

How can data be entered?

ASCII files with specific data structures.
Data obtained from Model Maker.
Data is manually entered and edited using a data editor
Add data graphically on the screen.

How can data be plotted?

A set of CAD-type functions enables you to fully manipulate the screen plot. Plots may be taken directly to the plotter, to a DXF file, to other ASCII formats or to a plot file.

Extracting Information

Plots may be From PIPE MAKER, you may obtain the following information.

  • Long-section drawings.
  • Printouts of various design components and results.
  • Convert pipe design to DTM format.directly to the plotter, to a DXF file, to other ASCII formats or to a plot file.

Terminology and Design Concepts

  • Horizontal Alignment
  • Long Section
  • Design Parameters
  • Earthworks Calculations

Entry Format

  1. Distance and elevation in meters.
  2. Angles in degrees’ minutes’ seconds e.g. 18.4536
  3. Slopes Sewer & S/W in ratio e.g. 1:10.
  4. Slope Water in percentage.
  5. Sewer design flow in litres/erf/day
  6. Velocity in meters/second
  7. Inflow Sewer in number of house connections
  8. Pipe diameter in meters
  9. Static or Dynamic head in meters
Module 1

Ground Long-Section Definition

The ground long-section profile may be entered manually or imported from ASCI-files. Data may be manipulated by a user-friendly editor or graphically onscreen. The long-section drawing may be plotted directly to an online plotter, a HPGL plotfile or various CAD drawing exchange format files, in addition to the ground profile two more profiles may be defined to represent different material type profiles for example rock or intermediate material.

Pipe Long-Section Definition

The pipe profile data allows for sewer, water and storm water pipe long-section design. With the basic graphical definition of reference points for example: – manholes, peg distances and invert levels, the long-section drawing will be completed showing depths, gradients, flows, capacities and velocities for different pipe sections. From a basic ground profile and horizontal alignment an automatic design will be done to user specified design parameters for example cover depth, slope limits and pipe diameters. This design may then be edited on the graphic screen using the functions to edit, add and delete manholes, re-align pipesections or place manholes according to fixed slope lengths. The layout of the resultig construction drawing is completely user definable and allows for the definition of headings in different languages.
The geometric alignment strings module (11) from Model Maker may be used to create the layout of a complete network to be designed in Pipe Maker. Pipe clashes may then be checked in Model Maker.

Module 2
Module 3

Ground Long-Section Definition

The design parameters allow for the definition of bedding types, excavation and manhole depth intervals and trench widths. Where a rock profile is defined, it will also calculate over-break volumes. SABS 1200 specifications are used to calculate excavation and bedding material volumes, excavation depth categories and pipe lengths. This is done from manhole to manhole and the results for each section may be printed or saved to a file.

The function calculates and saves the quantities to a file for each section of pipe between two manholes, this module may then be used to combine all these individual results into one file. At the bottom of this file it will then also summarize all the different calculation items to give totals for all the pipe sections in the project. The single file may be loaded into most spreadsheet programs for further manipulation.