Survey Maker is a program dedicated to the survey field, which includes solutions for the land surveyor, engineering surveyor, surface and underground mining surveyor, geodetic surveyor and hydro-surveyor. This program is an addition to the range of software developed by Model Maker Systems and we endeavour to continually update the program as technology and survey methods evolve.

The program lets you enter data using a range of methods, from Model Maker type files, to electronic field-books and manual input into the different calculation pages. All correction factors are being used, as well as limits of error calculations is being applied where necessary. This truly is one of the most user friendly and accurate tools available to the surveyor today.

Module 1

Basic Survey Calculations

Survey points can be entered manually or imported from ASCII-files. Data can be manipulated with a user-friendly editor or graphically on screen. A separate beacon file interface allows for easy access to different beacon files with fully customizable beacon descriptions. All the general survey calculations are presented in a very easy to use way, with keyboard shortcuts, and mouse-only operations simplifying the calculation process. Calculations range from joins, polars, traverse, resection, erf calculations, intersection calculations and more.

Transformations include Helmert- and Goldfields transformation. The printouts of the calculations may be printed, or saved for electronic mail and safe-keeping.

Cadastral Functions

This module allows for the complete method needed to produce SG diagrams as produced by professional land surveyors. From the working plan, to the general plan and individual diagrams compiling the final result has never been so easy before.

Module 2
Module 3

Level Field Book Reduction

The levelling data from a field book can be reduced to final elevations with all corrections applied. For road cross-section levels, you can import a horizontal alignment and export the surveyed points to a Model Maker YXZ file or Road Maker XX1 file.

This Module can be used as a single Module and is not dependent on any of the other modules in Survey Maker.

Module 4

Mine Survey Specific Functions

Mine Survey now available

Module 5

Datum Conversion

Convert coordinates WGS84Cape Clark with ORION method now available.

Module 6

Sectional Title Drawings

This module allows for the draughting of Sectional Title Plans with minimum effort and input from the user. Information like the Participation Quotas, “Part Of” text and extension of phases all get done automatically by the program just by using an Erven File to define the scheme layout. The first information page of the Sectional Title plan & the Participation Quota sheets will be generated with zero user input in the plan function. All others sheets of the plans like with the Block Plan or Floor Plan are generated based on a few basic inputs from the user to give a final plan taking into account all the information specified from the Erven File as required by the user.